Our community loves the great outdoors and so do our pets! North Bend Animal Clinic offers custom parasite control programs for each pet as individual needs vary.

Fleas can be a year-round chronic problem for pets in our area, which is why we promote prevention all year round including during the winter months for some pets. We offer several types of flea and tick control to fit every owners concerns and pocket-book.

Heartworm and intestinal parasites are part of the program, also. Pets that travel out of area may be more prone to picking up heartworm which is why talking with your veterinarian before you travel with your pet is always a good idea. Before starting heartworm prevention, a simple blood test is required as you do not want to start the medication if heartworms are already present in the blood stream.

Intestinal parasites (roundworms, hookworms, whipworms) exist in the soil and every cat and dog is at risk of contracting a parasite. Although worms are more of a burden to young cats and dogs, the adult elderly and immune-compromised can also contract intestinal parasites. Those pets with outdoor lifestyles (dog parks, hiking trails, indoor/outdoor cats and dogs, hunters, etc.) have a greater exposure risk. We recommend these pets have their stool tested every 6-12 months for screening.

We pride ourselves on up-to-date and accurate client education and are always available for questions about your household’s parasite risks as well as what steps to take to eradicate existing parasites.