Soft Tissue SurgeryOur doctors are skilled in performing most basic soft tissue surgeries. Soft tissue surgery is, most simply put, any surgery that is not orthopedic in nature. Mass/tumor removals, laceration repairs and wound management, foreign body obstructions and abdominal exploratories, splenectomies and cystotomies are just a few of the procedures we can do at our location. We offer pre-surgical estimates and are happy to meet with you to discuss your pet’s needs before any anesthetic procedure.
Occasionally we encounter procedures like cruciate ligament repair, ultrasound or even MRIs that we refer to a specialist. Depending on the need, we can refer to several board-certified specialists in our area, or for your convenience, a mobile surgeon or specialist may be able to come to our location depending on the procedure.

We offer pre-anesthetic blood work and intravenous fluid therapy with every anesthetic procedure. Pre-anesthetic blood work gives our doctors a baseline look at internal organ function and helps to pre-determine the anesthetic protocol that is most appropriate for the patient as well as warn of certain problems that could cause issues if not detected ahead of time. Intravenous fluid therapy (IV fluids) is an additional safety measure that provides a port via the IV catheter through which drugs may be administered in case of an emergency, as well as the fluid therapy providing hydration support, helping maintain blood pressure, and providing the means of adjusting blood pressure should the need arise.

We understand a pet owner’s concern when facing a surgical or anesthetic procedure and want to give as much reassurance as possible to lessen that worry. We know that worry doesn’t end once the procedure is completed. Our caring staff and doctors take that concern to heart. We strive to help manage any post-operative discomfort with pain management and thorough customized discharge directions.