Spay & NeuterSpaying and neutering is more than just preventing over-population. Spaying and neutering has been shown to help prevent certain cancers such as mammary and testicular cancers. Spaying and neutering can also help curb undesirable behaviors driven by estrogen and testosterone hormones such as territorial aggression and wandering.

We recommend that female dogs and cats be spayed between the ages of 4 and 6 months.

Male cats can be neutered between and 4 and 6 months. Male dogs are recommended to have their surgery at about 12months of age to help minimize issues such as joint disorders in certain breeds and to achieve a mild reduction in certain cancer risks later in life.

Recovery for these routine procedures vary by species and the age and size of pet. Typically, though, you can expect your pet to be fully recovered and back to their normal, playful selves within 14-16 days at most.

Our staff is well educated in how to help you anticipate your pet’s needs while in recovery with helpful tips on everything from managing a busy puppy’s activity to pain management.