VaccinationVaccines are an important part of pet ownership and are a core component for ensuring your pet lives a long and healthy life. We use high quality vaccines, properly shipped and handled, and incorporate a customized vaccination protocol with emphasis on limiting risk of reaction and your pet’s immune health. Vaccines are given to “boost” the immune system’s memory. We recommend beginning vaccines at 8 weeks of age and repeating vaccines every 3-4 weeks until the pet is 16 weeks of age or older. Some vaccines, when properly boosted, can extend out to be given every three years.

In addition to the core canine vaccines, we offer the Canine Influenza vaccine (CIV). Canine influenza is a highly contagious disease that is quickly spread. This is a lower respiratory disease that can be contracted through direct and indirect contact. While our region is not currently seeing an issue with CIV, the best way to combat it is through prevention. Call the clinic today and our knowledgeable staff can help you do a risk assessment for your dog(s) to determine if vaccinating against the Canine Influenza virus is right for your pet.